Who We Are

The London and Wider South East strategic planning network provides a forum:

  • to discuss issues of joint interest in the planning of London and its hinterland;
  • to share best practice in sub-regional planning and economic development, and sub-national transport planning;
  • to advocate for a broader understanding of inter-regional trends affecting the Wider South East.

The network was established in early 2017, having grown out of the TCPA Policy Council’s London and South East Task Group. It is affiliated to the Common Futures Network.

Current collaborative arrangements on policy and infrastructure between the Mayor of London and local authorities within the South East and East of England are restricted to public sector officers and members. This network is intended to be complementary while also including private sector practitioners, academics and voluntary groups and individuals. It covers the same geographical area, namely the south east quadrant of England between Norfolk and Hampshire.

This website will publicise network and related events, and provide an easily accessible repository for planning studies and research. It is supported by Arup.

A list of current members is available here.

If you are interested in joining the London and Wider South East strategic planning network, either as a full or corresponding member, please contact the co-convenors:
Duncan Bowie
Christopher Tunnell