Discussion Paper: Strategic Planning for London and the Wider South East

By | 19th July 2021

LWSE Strategic Planning Network – Discussion Paper July 2021 (002)

It is widely recognised that the current planning system in England is not working effectively. While the government’s Planning White Paper proposed a number of reforms, as yet there have been no specific proposals to remedy the current policy and governance vacuum relating to planning at a spatial level above a single planning authority – sub-regional and regional. This is an especial problem in the London city region where there is no framework for strategic planning collaboration between the Mayor of London and the planning authorities in the wider South East – the functional urban region, where there are significant inter-dependencies between different areas within the city region.

These challenges have been discussed by our network over the last five years. The network is not a statutory or representative body but a network of planning and related professionals who have extensive experience of strategic planning at different spatial scales. The network has therefore produced the attach discussion paper which sets out an approach to filling the current policy and governance gap and which is intended to assist the government and other agencies in developing an appropriate response to the current challenges we face, including those of post COVID economic recovery, levelling up, climate change and housing supply.

We would welcome your response to our paper and would be happy to provide any follow up briefing or to answer any questions you may have. Please send any comments to duncanbowie@yahoo.co.uk or christopher.tunnell@arup.com

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