Articles written by members of the network

Planning in London – Limitations and Weaknesses, Town & Country Planning, 10.19
TCP article on London Plan Oct 2019

Strategic planning for London and the Wider South East, special supplement for the TCPA Journal, 10.18
TCP London & WSE articles Oct 2018

Strategic planning for London and the Wider South East, special supplement for the TCPA Journal, 08.16
TCP London & WSE articles Aug 2016

Research involving members of the network
Next-door Neighbours – collaborative working across the London boundary, Centre for London and Southern Policy Centre, 01.18
Next-doors-Neighbours-Report CfL & SPU 0118_Compressed

‘Planning cultures’ and delivering growth in the South East of England, Dave Valler and Nick Phelps, research commissioned by RTPI South East region, March 2016
Explores the extent to which the legacy of local political relations has influenced development decision-making in three case study areas (Gatwick Diamond, South Hants and Oxford-Oxfordshire. Concludes that incremental solutions adopted over the past 50 years may have reached their limits.

‘Soft planning spaces’ for growth, Dave Valler and Nick Phelps, research commissioned by RTPI Small Project Impact Research Scheme, July 2014
Assesses the relative success of coordinated economic development initiatives in three case study areas (Gatwick Diamond, South Hants and Oxfordshire science vale, and identifies a framework against which good economic governance can be judged.

Similar material by Valler and Phelps put into a more theoretical framing in three academic articles in peer-reviewed academic journals:
Planning Theory and Practice, 1 November 2018
Territory, Politics, Governance, 26 September 2016
Town Planning Review, 87(1), 2016.3

Approaches to growth: Sub-regions growth proposal and co-ordination in and around London, Robin Thompson Associates and Urban Studio (previously LDP), for the Inter-Regional Forum (the Advisory Forum on Regional Planning for London, the South East and the East of England), March 2008
This recommended, amongst other things, more joint evidence gathering, and light touch joint analysis in some coordination areas which cross regional boundaries.
Approaches to growth in & around London

Documents produced by the network
Written representations on Matter 16 of the new London Plan examination in public on the Wider South East, 12.18
CFN written reps on Matter 16 WSE

Representations by the network on the draft new London Plan, 03.18
LWSE network Response to Draft London Plan 0318

Representations by the CFN on the draft new London Plan, 05.03.18
CFN Response to Draft London Plan 050318

Other relevant research
Strategic Economic Plans in the Greater South East – Overview of Strategic Economic Plan Key Housing and Transport Objectives, Enzygo Environmental Consultants for the Greater London Authority (but initiated by the wider south-east officers’ group, the Strategic Spatial Planning Officers Liaison Group), April 2015

Proposals by thinktanks
Prosperity and Justice: A plan for the new economy, Tom Kibasi and Michael Jacobs IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, 2018
Proposes stronger economic governance at sub-regional level, including a South East Economic Executive encompassing London, the East and SE regions. Would be responsible inter alia for a regional industrial strategy, regional infrastructure planning, regional immigration policy, and oversight of the regional division of a proposed National Investment Bank for England and regional spending of the proposed Inclusive Growth Fund.

Tomorrow’s Places: A plan for building a generation of new millennial towns on the edge of London, Jack Airey and Richard Blakeway Policy Exchange, March 2019
Proposes three urban extensions or new places of at least 30,000 new homes in each of five growth corridors as a way of providing opportunites for the millennial generation. Acknowledges would require stronger collaboration between national government, the mayor of London and local authorities

Data sources and commentary
GLA Intelligence, 2016-based Population Projections: Explanatory notes and results for the Wider South East, July 2017

Review of Research on Migration Influences and Implications for Population Dynamics in the Wider South East. I Gordon, T Champion, N McDonald and C Whitehead London School of Economics for the East of England Local Government Association, Dec. 2017 (edited version).
Explores the causes behind domestic migration flows between London and the Wider SE, and the variations in scale in response to the 2008 financial crisis.

Cities Factbook 2019, Centre for Cities
A compendium of statistics for primary urban areas in the UK, 18 of which are in the Wider SE plus London. Includes data on jobs, industrial structure, business start-ups, wages, unemployment, digital connectivity, population, house prices, CO2 emissions per capita. An annual report also looks at the outlook for these cities.

A series of maps for London and the Wider South East compiled by Aecom for the Royal Society for the Arts’s regional spatial planning project. This initiative, termed One Powerhouse, is linked to the work of the UK2070 Commission:

Housing market areas and future development, Ray Green, Town & Country Planning pp358-366, Sept 2018
London and the SE of England is one of two case studies used to examine and map the relationship between local employment, housing market areas and commuter settlements using travel to work and ONS data.

Land Use Futures Foresight Project: making the most of land in the 21st century, Government Office for Science, Feb 2010
Chapter 6 gives a perspective, including maps, on the demands and challenges facing the Greater SE of England, “The spatial element, which encompasses the uniqueness of places and the flows and changes that occur within them, should assume much more importance”.